New Driver Survey

This program is proactively designed to measure driver satisfaction at strategic touch points through the first 90 days of employment and beyond. It also identifies drivers with problems before they get so big they decide to quit. During the survey process, if we identify a driver with a problem, we will escalate the issue to the appropriate company official and then monitor to ensure the drivers concerns are addressed.

As a result of this proactive approach, our clients typically see turnover reduced by 27% – 35%.

The strategic touch points and the questions asked are completely customized to clients specifications. Here is an example of proven contact schedule:


The setup process is simple. Choose the questions for each touch point (we have a list of recommended questions), identify the people to whom we escalate issues, and determine who you would like to receive monthly reports. The fee for the service is $14.50 per contact point. There is a one-time setup fee of $1,250.

Survey Success Stories

Randol from Company A, 60 day call:

Dispatch is getting worse.  They put you on hold, or hang up on you.  They won't answer the phone or they won't get back to you.  He's waiting for over an hour to hear back.

Last week he had a blown tire on his chassis.  They were supposed to put a layover on his load.  He called on Tuesday and it never got put on there.  He never got paid for his load.

It seems like every week he gets shorted money.

Dispatch should have one person designated for messages.

Ramp workers are very rude.

He doesn't have the amount of work that he was told he would get.

He's still waiting on detention pay from September 19th.

He said it "depends" on if he would recommend CSX to other drivers. 

He had a load and was being held up at the customer.  He had a second load for the afternoon.  He knew he wasn't going to make it.  Luckily he gave his second load away because it took him almost 2 hours at the rail yard later.  But CSX gave it to another driver for another company.  There were CSX drivers waiting there at the ramp.

Randol from Company A, 90 day call: 

Still has a hard time with payroll missing items, but they seem to get it fixed with the following paycheck.

Things have gotten a lot better!

(The first thing he said to me was how much he appreciated what I do.  He then mentioned the email he received from CSX noting that they are dealing with every issue that was mentioned in the 60 day phone call.)

Karen from Company B, 7 day call:

She didn't want to answer all the questions.  She doesn't feel like it will do any good.

She's caught right on to this.  She's worked every day for 2 weeks.

She had a hard time yesterday because of dispatch. If they don't change her dispatch, she's gone.  She called at 7:45am about a problem and they told her they would call her back within the hour. Then she waited for her dispatcher to call and they went to lunch.

She has zero tolerance for bull.

The quality of equipment besides the truck is poor.  The trailers are junk.

Dispatch doesn't know what they're doing.  She's been on hold for 30 min.

They look at drivers like they're a dime a dozen.

Fuel dept. isn't good.  A guy there has a bad attitude.  He said she couldn't get fuel without load.  She won't talk to him anymore. She couldn't even understand him.  He needs to be more professional on the phone.

She's going to start recording all her conversations from now on.

Karen from Company B, 30 day call:

She likes her job!  She wants it to work!

The break down team is great.

She’s happy!  No complaints!

(She also mentioned at the beginning that she received a phone call the same day that she spoke with me on her 7 day call about her getting a new dispatcher.  She was impressed.)

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Before Impact began doing Post Employment Surveys, I thought we were doing a good job with exit interviews and understood the real reasons drivers were leaving Transport America. Exit Interviews do not compare to having Impact contact our past employees.

Impact has identified the real causes for our turnover,...

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