Kelly’s Recruiting Philosophy, Part 2

May 24, 2017

In this session, Kelly continues sharing his recruiting philosophy and the importance of having a sense of urgency. He also covers action items that are part of this process which will help recruiters recruit the drivers they want.

Special Guest - Ron Goode, Director of Education for the Truckload Carriers Association joins this month's call to share information about the upcoming WorkForce Builders Conference being held in Kansas City on June 12 -14.

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What They're Saying

After a week with Kelly Anderson, his teachings have brought a new light to our recruiting procedures. Implementing his proven techniques has had an immediate “Impact.” I now look at recruiting more as a process rather than an event. I would encourage anyone who is serious about recruiting and retention to...

Tim Hamilton
Certified Director of Recruiting ,
Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.

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