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Advanced Recruiting Sales Techniques

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Recruiting department consulting and training is our specialty. As part of our training we conduct an analysis of the Recruiters abilities to effectively recruit drivers, and the department policies and procedures.  As a result of the analysis we make recommendations for streamlining the recruiting process. Furthermore, we train the recruiters to make the most out of every lead they receive.  Most of the time it’s not a problem to make the phone ring; we just have to do a better job of handling the calls when they come.

At Impact we believe Recruiting is a sales job.  But unlike most sales jobs it requires Recruiters to be able to qualify applicants, build relationships and close the deal on the first contact.  Additionally, recruiters need to track their advertising and manage their follow-up system to make the most out of every lead they receive.

Impact’s Recruiter Training is second to none.  It was developed as a result of 15 years of hands on experience.  It is made up of a multiple stage process; 

  1. Preparation 
    Mock Phone Calls to Recruiters and Analysis of Web-site and Mailed Materials
  2. On-site Consulting (day 1)
    Analyze Recruiting Department Policies and Procedures and make appropriate recommendations for streamlining the process
  3. Recruiter Training Seminar (day 2)
    A full day seminar involving heavy group involvement – See Training points below
  4. Personal Coaching (optional day 3)
    Following the seminar we are available to sit with each recruiter while we field live recruiting calls.  This enables us to demonstrate the conversational techniques we teach during the class.

The following outlines the training points of the Recruiter Training Seminar.

This comprehensive, customized training agenda gives recruiters the tools and insight they need to supply quality drivers to the company.  Furthermore, as a result of the on-site consulting day, we offer pertinent suggestions for streamlining the hiring process.

Recruiters learn how to shorten the “hiring cycle” and improve the “show rate” of the drivers they recruit.  Most of all, they learn how to identify and recruit the drivers they want rather than the drivers who want them.

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I wanted to follow up with you about some of the results we are seeing from your Recruiter Training Seminar. It has only been about a month since you were here and I am already seeing quantifiable improvement from my Recruiters.

Our closing and show-up rates improved and we did a very high number of phone...

Darin Heinemeyer Fleet Services Supervisor, Dart Transit Company

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