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Certified Director of Recruiting

This 2.5 day course is designed to give Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents of Recruiting the management and leadership skills needed not only to direct the day-to-day functions of their department but to strategically prepare for industry challenges. 

Course Overview 

This course can be taken concurrent to the Certified Professional Recruiter Course so Directors can complete all required training for their “CDR” designation in just one week! 


Being certified in your occupation communicates your professional expertise! The curriculum in this course will give you the competitive edge you need in today’s challenging industry! 

This continuing education will keep you informed and proactively prepared for workforce and industry changes! 

Through the education and application process of obtaining certification you will become an industry leader in your field as evidenced by your commitment, professionalism, and productivity.

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After a week with Kelly Anderson, his teachings have brought a new light to our recruiting procedures. Implementing his proven techniques has had an immediate “Impact.” I now look at recruiting more as a process rather than an event. I would encourage anyone who is serious about recruiting and retention to...

Tim Hamilton
Certified Director of Recruiting,
Wooster Motor Ways, Inc.

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