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Customer Service in an Electronic World

This seminar can be conducted in two ways: it can focus on external customer service with the customer service and operations departments or it can be conducted with everyone in the company wherein we learn customer service for internal and external customers. 

In today's challenging economic environment a company needs every edge it can create to keep internal and external customers committed to them and to be able to charge a premium price for their services.

Identifying a customer's expectations is easy.  Meeting and exceeding a customer's expectations is more difficult.  The actual task of customer service takes a concerted effort on everyone's part.  Customer service must be understood to mean customer satisfaction.  We strive for customer satisfaction so we can create "Customer Loyalty."

During this seminar attendees identify their "Cycle of Service."  They have the opportunity to fail, meet, or exceed their customer's expectations at each level of the "cycle."  They will clearly outline steps to exceed their customer’s expectations – every time!

The Extra Mile – Everyone Talks About It, But Very Few Actually Travel It

Here are the training points of the Customer Service Training Seminar:

As a result of everyone in the company attending this seminar and outlining their "customer service plan" we will create a "customersyntric" culture within the company wherein employees strive to exceed internal and external customer expectations on a daily basis.

Our goal is to educate attendees about customer service and get them committed to improving it.  At the end of the seminar attendees will have new insight into customer service and be motivated to make a difference.

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