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Most managers don't initiate change, strategically plan for growth, or implement appropriate measurements to create ownership and accountability because they don’t know how.  They got to the position they're in today because they were good at their job not because they were good Managers, Leaders, or Strategic Planners.  As a result, most Presidents complain they are the only person to initiate new projects, initiatives, and strategic plans for the future of the company. 

In the last ten years Impact has worked with hundreds of great managers that want to do the right thing, they just don't know how.  They failed to make the mental and behavioral shift of getting paid for what they get done rather than what they do.  Many managers see themselves as "fire fighters."  Their entire day consists of putting out problematic fires within their department and company.  Moreover, they have no strategic plan for personal or organizational development to proactively address the cause of the "fires" and ultimately grow beyond them.

Impact has created a Management Training/Coaching program wherein we work with Managers on an on-going basis to incrementally increase their Management, Leadership, and Strategic Planning skills.  The curriculum of this program is scheduled over a twelve month period.  It consists of one group training session per quarter at a centralized location and one private coaching session with each participant per month.

Each class consists of group discussion, small group projects, and a group training session outlining new management and leadership techniques, principles, and strategies.  The paragraphs below outline the curriculum for each monthly group training session:

Outline for first class:

Outline for second class:

Outline for third class:

Outline for fourth class:

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The management training and coaching program was great! I have been to many of the “big name” management seminars; Kelly at Impact far exceeded my expectations. The program he presented is truly top shelf stuff tailored for the transportation field as opposed to the canned, standardized and generalized...

Daryl Phipps
Transportation Manager,
New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

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