Dear Kelly,

This letter is a follow up to our training session last Saturday.  I have received emails from all of our recruiters.  The bottom line evaluation of any seminar is if the participant gained any valuable knowledge.  Every recruiter to the man stated that at first going into the seminar they thought it would not be anything new. Second, all of them stated that after the training that they received fresh ideas and workable concepts on how to better recruit drivers and owner operators. 

They really liked the concept of having a one-page telephone application.  In addition, most of them liked the review of their presentations from an outsider from the mock interviews that you conducted prior to the training.  The training refreshed their attitudes and perspectives on how to best accomplish their jobs as professional recruiters.

As the president of E W Wylie Corporation, I wanted a fresh sales perspective given to these recruiters.  Your training reinforced my belief that recruiters are salesmen for our internal customers.  They need to hone sales skills just like freight or logistical sales personnel.  In addition, your training reinforced time management skills in regard to quickly qualifying candidates through conversational techniques. Learning to listen to the applicants will greatly increase their hire rates.  Confine information to the applicant’s needs versus unwanted statistics on our performance.  In a sense personalize the presentation to the applicant’s needs not our needs.

As an observer, I liked the discussion on the company’s core beliefs.  These are probably the only ones needed to be given to every applicant.  This follows our strategic planning technique of using the mapping process to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and then develop plans of action.  I liked the identification of strengths and weaknesses, which should be used as a basis to overcome sales objections.  The final and most important is closing the deal.  Asking for his business.  Setting a firm commitment date for him to be at your facility.  Quickly offering him a conditional offer of employment. 

I would strongly recommend this training to any company who wants the recruiting process improved.  Especially from a sales perspective.  It is my intention to show the presentation tape you made to my corporate liaison.  In addition, I will with your permission show it to our Association’s executive director for a training session at our convention.  We are always looking for useful presenters at our convention.

Again, thank you for cordial hospitality and the excellent session.

Mary Skar
E W Wylie Corporation

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